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Munyemeshi River Lodge
(MRL) is a wondrous place reveled for its true Golden Glory. It is harmonized between land and water. A combination of true African fauna and flora found at one of the longest rivers on the African Continent, the Mighty Zambezi River.

Under the spell binding influence of unspoilt African Jungle lays Munyemeshi River Lodge. The lodge is nestled less than 10km from the Lower Zambezi National Park in an indigenous animal kingdom waiting to be experienced.

MRL offers visitors an out of this world experience with all the wild animals found in its true magnificence at close range. Breath taking moments, captivating charm with natural beauty is what is in the offering. Frequent visits of the wild animals give Munyemeshi River Lodge that unique edge above other.

Join us on guided tours for an unforgettable journey through natures paradise perched in the depth and heart of the true African Jungle. This Natural Landscape reveals the soul of water and land, one of the unique features of MRL in the comfort of civilized nature in itself...


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