The modern life, the spiced view of nature and the assortment of activities are what make the friendly environment a pleasurable tour. The wish of visiting the interiors and depths of the world cannot be made complete without visiting Munyemeshi River lodge

The enchanting diversity of wildlife captured in the sanctuary of their own include lions, elephants, African buffaloes, impalas, kudus, zebras, bushbucks, waterbucks, hippos, warthogs, monkeys, baboons, leopards, crocodiles, hyenas and many others

The indigenous bird species make it a birdwatchers paradise. Bird life includes the African Fish Eagle, Yellow-Billed Stork, Hornbills, Lovebirds, Guinea Fowls, White Breasted Sunbird and many others.

The Untouched flora and surroundings is symbolic of an afro tropic realm with three distinct seasons represented in its innate form.


Up close and personal adventures with nature is shared at MRL leaving you with many tales to tell.

• Game Viewing

• Guided Safari Walks


Learning and building relationships within the serene environment of true nature is a powerful source and can be done at MRL. Cooking with the Chef is offered and can be an added exercise of togetherness.


buffalo land

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