Zambezi River

The Mighty Zambezi River is known as the river of life and is a host to land and aquatic life consisting of Tiger Fish, Breams, hippos, crocodiles, and many others. The river is the biggest in Zambia and one of the longest on the African Continent.

Watch the pods of hippos coming from the water to graze on the land. You will be amazed at the amount of grass that is consumed for a meal.


• Up close and personal adventures with nature is shared at MRL leaving you with many tales to tell.

• Fishing while on the riverbank or in the boat, whether it is fly-fishing or bait fishing, the Tiger fish is the pride of the             Zambezi River.

• Game viewing by boat is an extra ordinary experience.

• Bream is the firm favourite fish for a night time barbeque around the fire.

• Sunset boat cruises and enjoying a sundowner is an absolute must.


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